Living Inclusion in Practice: Advancing Inclusive TVET in Vietnam

Picture of students of the Viet Nam reform progrm. The picture represents a testimonial from the participants of the training.

The Vietnamese economy has been growing rapidly over the past few decades, and every year more and more young people are entering the labour market. However, most of them do not have formal vocational qualifications and do not meet the requirements of enterprises. This is where Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) becomes essential. […]

Ensuring Inclusion in Political Processes  

The year 2024 is the biggest election year in history with half the world’s adult population potentially going to the polls. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for people to have their voices heard.  But who gets to vote and who gets to stand for election – a key indicator of a healthy democratic election remains […]

Advancing Inclusion: New Human Rights Approach in German Development Cooperation 

In November 2023, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) released a new human rights concept for German development cooperation. The new human rights concept envisions a world where everyone is free of hardships and there is equal social, economic, political participation of people regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation and […]

Breaking Barriers: Highlights of the Zero Project Conference 2024 in Vienna

In a world that strives for inclusivity, the Zero Conference 2024 in Vienna served as a beacon of hope and progress, focusing on innovative solutions such as inclusive education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to foster the rights of persons with disabilities. From February 21st to 23rd, OPDs, world leaders, inclusion enthusiasts, educators, policymakers, […]