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Join the campaign

Every voice counts. Because the commitment of each individual helps to make persons with disabilities heard. So join in and become part of the campaign. It’s easy: Share the stories of Maclean, Sylvia and Co. on your social media channels.

1. Choose a photo from this collection: Download Social-Media Photos

All photos are optimized for the use on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

You are also welcome to use short videos, so-called social media cut outs, for your postings. You can download these here: Maclean, Sylvia, Kombinizona, Spotlight Covid-19.

2. Write a short post about the photo you have choosen. Suggestions can be found here: Download Postings

3. Use the hashtag #LivingInclusion

Also, follow our Twitter channel @GPInclusion, like and retweet posts about the campaign.

Thank you for supporting the campaign. Thank you for getting involved. And thank you for your important contribution to the inclusion of persons with disabilities! #LivingInclusion